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Mr. Vazir Ahmed Khan, the author is a versatile personality. His total life from young age till his superannuation period has been dedicated to Insurance Industry as a Employee, Intermediary, Consultant and lastly as the author of several books on Insurance guiding the Insurers, Insured's as well as intermediaries.

The Book succinctly covers in detail the subject of Insurance Salesmanship aided with cartoons and quotations.

The book deals with tips for achieving success in insurance selling, avoid depression, personality development and lots of ideas for becoming successful. The book is a must BUY for everyone connected with insurance industry.

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Author Vazir Ahmed Khan
ISBN 978-81-910342-1-9
Binding Paperback
Language English



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LIST OF CONTENTS – No of Pages-120

Insurance Salesmanship Hints

i. Foreword
ii. Preface
Insurance Salesmanship Hints

I. Salesmanship
II. Why Salesmanship
III. Is it a Science or An Art?
IV. Fundamentals of Successful Salesmanship
a. Salesmanship
b. Successful Salesmanship Depends Upon
c. Qualities of a Good Salesman
d. What is Sales Personality
I. Magnetic Personality
II. Alluring Postures
IV.A Weeping Salesman
V Voice
VI. Co-operation
V. Dos & Don’ts of a Salesman
a. Listening is Difficult
b. Enthusiasm
c. Luck
d. Customer Needs

e. A to Z Literature

f. Appointments

1. Specific Appointments

2. Purposeful Appointments

3. Vague Appointments

4. Helping Customer

5. Rubbish Talk

6. Benefits of Ads

7. Avail Canvassing Business

8. Normal Risk Coverage

9. Lucky Man

10. Customers’ Head Ache

VI. Product Knowledge

a. Sales Performance
b. Process of Salesmanship
VII. Knowledge of Customers

Classification of Customers

a. Argumentative Type
b. Silent Type
c. Shy Type
d. Friendly Type
e. Hesitant Type
f. Ill-managed Type
g. Conceited Type
h. Bully Type
i. Women Customer
VIII.1. Sales Manager

2.Logical Steps to any Sale

IX. a. Problems of Sales Management

b.Controlling of Salesmen

c. Selection of Candidates

X. 1. Training of Salesmen

2. What is Training

XI. Remuneration of Salesmen

1. Sound Training Program
2. Personal Development of Agents
XII. Motivation of Salesmen

1. Motivation
2. A Way to Correct the Wrong
3. Time Management
4. Controlling Time is Controlling Yourself
5. Concentrated Time Management
6. Looking into Mirror
XIII. a. Success

b.The ASK Principle

c. Qualities that Make a Man Successful

d. Attitude

e. Factors that Determine Attitude

f. How to Build Positive Attitude

g. Steps to build positive Attitude

XIV. 1. Enjoying the Work

2.How to Get on with the Boss

3.A Good Times

4.Human Needs

XV. Stress

a. Stress, Your Best Friend
b. Stress Sans Distress
c. Thinking
d. Complaint Type Neurotic
e. Neurotic vs. Healthy Person
f. Healthy Person
g. Who Are You
h. Guilt and Worry
XVI. Depression

1. Externalization
2. Suspicion
3. Aggressive Reaction
4. Confrontation
5. Emotional Disturbance
6. Women and Stress
XVII. Frustration

a. Dealing with Tension
b. Making friends with small talk
XVIII. Things That You Cannot Forget

a. Good Listening
b. 7 Cs of Good Communication
c. Mistakes We Generally Make
d. Nine Essential Exercises
XIX. 1. Advertising

2. Humorous Copy

3. Meaningful Advertisement

XX. Insurance Made Easy

XXI. My Field Experience

XXII. The Introspection

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    This is an essential book for every insurance guy…

    ICICI Prudential Life insurance

  2. by Sudha gupta

    Surpassingly nice. Learnt a lot of new techniques.

  3. by A. Patel

    It’s nice. I would recommend it to purchase the book.

    A. Patel

  4. by Ravi Tanuja

    Amazing Book with excellent guidance. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to expand their knowledge about insurance.

    Ravi Tanuja

  5. by Yadav

    Book helped a lot in understanding the concepts

    Yadav Gupta

  6. by Sidharth Gupta

    Nice and Comprehensive book.

    Sidharth Gupta

  7. by Gourav Bansali

    Very Good Book.

    Gourav Bansali

  8. by Anand Shaw

    Very informative.

    Anand Shaw

  9. by Hitashi Mishra

    I look forward to buy more such books in future.

    Hitashi Mishra

  10. by Yadav Pande

    Very Good Book.

    Yadav Pande

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