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Overview of the Journal

The Insurance Times the First Monthly Journal on Insurance from India has entered its 40th glorious year of Publication in the year 2020. The journal covers articles on current topics by experts in the industry with a threadbare analysis of the current developments in the insurance market and the future scenario. It also covers the latest news on General Insurance, Life Insurance, IRDAI (Insurance Development And Regulatory Authority), LIC, International Insurance News, Legal caselaws etc

We cover regular columns focusing on Insurance Intermediaries, Insurance brokers, Insure-tech, TPA, Health etc. Not only this, but we also cover regularly the review of policies issued by life and non-life insurance companies including a comparison of various products.

The journal is a must for all persons connected with Insurance companies, corporate bodies, insurance brokers, banks, surveyors, agents, consultants, educational institutions, and finance professionals.

Google is FREE then what is the need of journal

Some readers say that they get all their information in their office or through Google. All information is readily available on the Internet. So what is the point in Subscribing to the journal?   

Yes it’s absolutely true that all information is available on the Internet. As technology is growing we want everything on tips. You can visit Google and search for anything. As google is loaded with information, if you key in a search word hundreds of pages are displayed.  You can spend hours searching for the content you require. Sometimes you even don’t know exactly what you require. Google displays content that may be have been uploaded in different time periods. You may have to spend hours together to find the right content you need.  Google does not display filtered content. It shows hundreds of pages out of which most may be irrelevant to you.

Can you simply afford to waste hours together to find the right content? – Definitely NOT!!

Disadvantages of Google content
1. Difficult to find the right content
2. Wastage of time in getting the right content
3. You may not know what content is important for you
4. Instead of getting filtered content you tend to spend a lot of time is searching irrelevant pages

Your time is precious!! Invest your time to gain knowledge rather than finding information

Why you must subscribe to journal

Get Concise and filtered information
Know the latest trends, research, and survey in Insurance Industry
Information about latest techniques in Underwriting and Claims
Online Insurance News Desk in video format
Listen to Industry leaders about future of Insurance market
Know what other insurers are engaging with
Be updated with latest happening in the industry

We have launched a Mobile App where you can read the journal, view videos, access rich resources related to the insurance industry

Benefits of the Mobile App
1.Download and Read the issue in PDF, E journal format and mobile friendly format
2.Get the latest news update on day to day basis
3.View latest news on Insurance Times Online News Desk – Video format
4.View Video Interview Insurance Times Leadership Speaks series updated regularly
5.View issues for the year 2020 and 2021 and we shall be updating back issues in due course
6.Download the app once and read conveniently. No need to login to site again and again.

Annual Cost of Subscription Rs. 750 per year

But we have launched a massive awareness campaign in insurance to reach out to a cross-section of people from the insurance industry. Under a special offer, we are offering the annual subscription at a 50% discount.

Yes you got it right Only Rs.372!! You pay Rs.1 for each day. Isn’t is worth?

International – US$10

You not only get current issues for 1 year but also back issues which we shall keep updating regularly.

Even if you get few important information during the whole year the subscription would be worth it. You can also subscribe in bulk for your team members.

We have convenient payment options. You can pay instantly and send us an email about the payment and your Name,Email and Mobile. The subscription will start in 24 hours.

Our Motto is to help you grow in your profession and get a competitive advantage!!

Offer Valid for only Limited Period!! After expiry, you will have to pay Rs.750 per annum

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